Thursday, 5 April 2012

One Year Old

What a year it has been!  We celebrated Isabel's first birthday on Sunday and although it has been the best year of my life for many reasons, it has definetly been one of the most stressful and I am glad it is behind us.

My beautiful One Year Old xx

We have recently returned from the UK, where we were for three exhausting weeks.  Although we were there for a not so nice reason, we were lucky enough to be able to stay with some lovely friends that live out in the country, in a town called Sudbury in Suffolk County.  Issy experienced her first hunt, her first proper 'English Pub Sunday Roast', she was invited to a Masonic (secret society!!) function and she had her own two British Nannies that spoiled her each day.  Not a bad start for the lucky little lady.

Isabel with the Hunt Master

The Owl that goes out on the hunt ("Bird of Prey")

Having a bath in the sink with her 'British Nannies' Amanda & Karen

In Sudbury with Papa

Our wonderful friends Ian & Amanda

Commuting on the train w Papa

Unfortunately the trip home was not quite so enjoyable as Isabel and I picked up Salmonella in Dubai the first day we arrived.  We were both so ill and trying to take care of a sick baby when you are just as sick is no fun at all.  We spent most of our time in bed and at a hospital in Dubai before managing to just make our flight home and then another 5 days being ill once we got back.  Just awful!

On our way to hospital in Dubai...poor sick little Issy

Luckily however we all managed to recover in time to celebrate Isabel's 1st birthday on April 1st.  We held her party at my parents home and had some wonderful friends come around and join in an Easter Egg Hunt and a few bubbles for the grown ups.

Isabel is now totally obsessed with dolls (or 'babies').  She got a pram and a few babies for presents at her birthday and she spends as much time as she can pushing them around and hugging and kissing them.  She holds them up to her and says "aaaahhhhhh" as she pats them on the back.  Very sweet!  She also got her first bike as a present and she LOVES it.

She is now saying 'Papa', 'Bubba', "Mama' and 'Up' consistently.  Whenever she sees an aeroplane or a toy aeroplane she will pick it up and say 'ahhh ahhh ahhh' and fly it above her head.  She loves music and plays with her musical toys (a table that plays nursery rhymes and a singing kitchen!) a lot.  She will press the button to start the song, then look up at me and smile and start to dance or sing.  Melts my heart every time!

I am so proud of Issy, she really is such an amazing little girl.  We have dragged her around the world (a couple of times), she has been through quite an ordeal and yet she is always happy, laughing and playing games with everyone around her.  She will often initiate the games (even with strangers on planes or trains!)....either peek-a-boo or she will get you to chase her around the room.

She is walking between furniture and with her doll pram, but not quite all on her own just yet.  I don't think its too far away though as she seems to get more confident everyday.

She is however having tantrums now when I tell her she can't have something or take something from her.  She will hurl herself onto the ground and then if that doesn't get a reaction she will pull off her 'ears' and throw them across the room.  We have had a few instances when in the pram out and about an ear has gone missing.  I spent one day walking back and forth over the same 3 blocks for an hour looking for it and just as I was about to call The Shepherd Centre to report it missing, I found it.  That has happened 3 times to us hard to keep them on her.

This weekend is Easter and we are off to the Hunter Valley with some friends for a quiet weekend....although I am not looking forward to more travel, I am excited about relaxing with great friends and a few bottles of wine out in the sticks.

Happy Easter everyone.